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Specialty Sales Representative

It has been my pleasure to work with Dina over the past 4 years. Dina is a highly engaged Sales Leader who is always open to new ways of working and continuous improvement. Dina is very committed to ensuring that she operates as an inspirational leader, coach and mentor for her teams. She has the ability to set high expectations and ensure disciplined execution for her teams while maintaining strong relationships and open communications. I would strongly recommend Dina for any leadership role to which she aspires.
Michele Dotson, May 01 2015
Sr. Executive Oncology Representative/Astellas

Dina is an extraordinary leader as she sets the pace for Enthusiasm and Dedication to a highly successful Team! Dina puts her comrades First and exemplifies Integrity and Doing The Right Thkng to take excellent care if her customers. Dina is a truly valuable Asset!
Phyllis Kiefer, Feb 20 2016
Field Reimursement & Access Specialist - Amgen Access Team

I have been in the pharma industry for 16 years, and worked on Dina's sales team at GSK. She is not only an inspirational leader, but one who TRULY cares about her people. Dina walks the walk of developing a successful team through creative sales strategies, a positive culture, and good old hard work! It was my privilege to be part of it!
Jennifer Loe, Jul 21 2016
Business-Minded HR and Organizational Effectiveness Professional, Seasoned Facilitator and Trainer

Dina is a seasoned leader, patient and thoughtful coach, and effective consultant. She came in to our organization to work with a team of high-performing individuals. She could have relied on her leadership experience in the industry to gain credibility with us, but instead she took the time to know us and what we wanted to work on as a team. She guided us through a process that led to some great breakthroughs with key stakeholders across the organization and definitive movement forward on issues that had been persistent for quite a while.

On top of all that, Dina is very fun to work with. I'd highly recommend her for any leadership coaching or team effectiveness needs.
Brenton Burke, Nov 21 2016
Executive VP Marketing

Wallis engaged Dina prior to closing on our most recent acquisition to ensure we had a mechanism to capture the "best of both" and use a team to help recommend and implement ideas. The ACE Coaching process has been a great tool for us and Dina has been instrumental in creating a trusting, team environment.
Rachel Wallis Andreasson, Oct 19 2016
Family Business Growth & Leadership | Sales & Strategic Coaching | Leadership Training

During the past three months, I have been working with Dina Readinger as a participant in a workshop for Gateway2Dreams.

Dina did a remarkable job of organizing and leading the volunteers to build community and achieve results. I highly recommend her as a coach and trainer for any company or organization that is seeking change and extraordinary improvement.

I can bear witness to her expertise!
Bill Prenatt, Jun 07 2016
Connector, speaker/workshops, author. Founder at Gateway to Dreams-Bringing Dreams and Hope Back to America

Oh. My. Goodness. I have worked withn many facilitators over the years but NO ONE as GIFTED as Dina Readinger. The process she put together for our team of high level non profit volunteers was amazing and after our "launch" event, I felt beyond inspired of what we will be creating for Gateway to Dreams. Dina supported each and every person, holding space for them to share their thoughts and was willing to let go of "our plan" (that we had worked on before our launch) to transition to the teams plan which in all actuality was even bigger and better for Gateway to Dreams. PLEASE feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about hiring Dina. She is TRULY amazing.
Karen Hoffman, Feb 20 2016
Entrepreneur, Virtual Assistant, Event Organizer

Dina is one of the best facilitators that I've ever worked with. She listens to the team and what we need as a group and provides us with the guidance needed to move forward.
Jennifer Tamborski, Feb 20 2016