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Lake Saint Louis <b>LEADER COACHING</B>


Experience the benefits of in-depth assessment of your leadership style that will give you a clear picture of how you can best create the culture and conditions for success.

With ACE’s unique combination of the Team Advantage™ process, Team Emotional Intelligence insights, and Dina’s professional experience in leading under-performing teams to top performance ranking, you will have access to a one-of-a-kind coaching experience that will catapult your understanding of your team AND your leadership skills to the next level. And you won’t find this game changing combination anywhere else!

Team Emotional Intelligence (TEI) is an important piece of the team performance puzzle that is often missing with other coaching scenarios. TEI assesses a team’s culture, norms of interaction, trust level and identity and looks at a multitude of behaviors that hinder performance. It is a scientifically based, psychometric assessment that defines team effectiveness and positions your team to achieve exceptional, measurable results.
When it comes to your leadership, ask yourself these key questions…

  1. Do you fully understand how your team is experiencing your leadership?
  2. Are your words and actions facilitating a strong, collaborative culture within your team that builds trust, encourages risk taking with high integrity, and ignites engagement and productivity?
  3. Are you creating the emotional resources your team needs to succeed?
    Chances are you’ve hired a team of talented individuals, but if you answered “No” to any of those questions, you’re not doing your part as part of that team.
    Teams need a leader who is willing and able to give and receive necessary feedback. They need a leader who is able to articulate a clear vision and build trust. They need a leader who doesn’t treat them like robots and provides the emotional resources they need as human beings to give their best.
    Self-awareness for leadership is another key piece of the puzzle that is often missing for attaining the level of exceptional leadership required to set yourself apart in today’s competitive climate… and get results. As a leader, you are the driving force behind both the team’s success and, ultimately, the success of the organization. ACE Coaching will help you identify and define your leadership style and show you the areas of opportunity for being a stronger leader.

With ACE’s powerful program you will:

  • Develop self-awareness and fully understand how your team is experiencing your leadership.
  • Realize the value of team feedback for making the necessary shifts that lead to team success.
  • Develop strategies for creating emotional resources for your team.
  • Assess and identify areas of opportunity for strengthening team culture, norms of interaction, trust, and identity.
  • Identify behaviors and patterns that are hindering top team performance.
  • Get the tools you need to effectively engage, inspire, and ignite the productivity of your team.
  • Develop communication skills that break down barriers to accomplishing goals and build trust.

    And… you will create an environment that encourages cross-collaboration between silos, gives employees ownership of their roles and contributions, empowers your team for meaningful purpose, and brings measurable results!
    With ACE Coaching, you will gain new perspectives as you see yourself and your team through the comprehensive lens of Team Advantage AND Team Emotional Intelligence.
    You’ll change your organizational culture in positive ways. You’ll create a strong workforce under leadership that is contributing in the right ways for team success, maximizing team member contributions and making employees feel valued and valuable. And when people feel valued, they naturally engage and thrive. More importantly, they stay!

    There are lots of coaches out there, but who you choose to coach you and your team matters. There is a difference! When you experience the process with an expert coach who has successfully implemented the principles and has the knowledge, expertise and intuition to get your team in the game, you get unprecedented results!Dina’s own track record of leading teams to outstanding success, even in times of organizational upheaval, sets her apart in the coaching world and is a solid testament to her leadership skills and expertise.

Lake Saint Louis <b>TEAM COACHING</B>


In spite of the popular saying that there are no “I’s” in team, teams are made up of individuals who bring their unique skills — and personalities – to everything they do. When individuals are hired to be part of a team, there’s no way of knowing how well that team will work together.
Each employee brings a valuable set of skills and aptitudes to the table, but unless you’re able to meld individual contributions into a cohesive unit your team can struggle to reach goals. Helping individual team members identify and change behaviors that negatively affect the productivity of the team as a whole can be a game changer for your organization – in the best possible way.
The proprietary Team Advantage™ program, with its team coaching component, takes team building to whole new level with targeted coaching for leaders and team members that translates into the workplace long after the training ends.

ACE Coaching and the Team Advantage program will ignite engagement, productivity and innovation within your team, while creating an organizational culture that brings measurable results!

Team Advantage is a proven program that effectively solidifies teams and leaders through a transformational process that goes well beyond a typical team-building event. And ACE Coaching adds value to its implementation by filling in the gaps other coaches might miss.

So many organizational training programs lack essential components that bring about actual, sustainable change. Leaders and teams get all fired up during the team-building event only to return to their jobs with no real-world understanding of how to apply the lessons learned through the exercise.

With a structured framework and ongoing support that effectively guides team members through a “game” process where areas for improvement are identified, strengths are discovered and leadership strategies are established, ACE Coaching will increase your organization’s potential for growth and profitability.

ACE Coaching will partner with you to bring all of the necessary pieces together to re-calibrate your team dynamics!

Certified in Team Emotional Intelligence assessment, Dina is trained to identify areas of opportunity for your specific team’s development – bringing a critical piece of the puzzle to the table. Your team will not only identify the individual and group barriers that hold them back, they will learn strategies for overcoming them, while actively setting a goal and successfully navigating every step to completion.
Dina’s exceptional people skills clarify and enhance the lessons learned in a way that makes practical application clear to both team members and leaders. And with the added benefit of more frequent, on-demand access to coaching with ACE’s exclusive Coach-On-Call program, you’ll have the extra support and expertise that ensures team building success.

Lake Saint Louis <B>RESULTS</B>


Twenty year team process proven to:

  • Raise Engagement and Employee Retention
  • Average of 30% increase in Engagement
  • Breakdown organizational silos
  • Accelerate New and Existing Leader Development
  • Proven to pull through business and achieve stretch goals in surveyed teams who have experience the teaming process.
  • Accelerate Product Launches
  • Stretch high performing teams



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