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Your team is a complex, multi-faceted group of individuals – leaders and team members — who need a comprehensive approach to coaching that is meaningful, immediately applicable and sustainable.
How organizations deal with changes to the structure and culture of their organization has a direct link to their ability to reach the summit of their potential. ACE Coaching’s Team Advantage™ program combined with Team Emotional Intelligence assessment can increase engagement AND results by as much as 45%.
To achieve phenomenal results like that, you need an effective, experienced coach who is certified and trained in the skills that will drive opportunities and consistently produce high-performing teams. With the unique blend of intuition, certifications, skills, and scientific background Dina brings to the table, your team will learn the value of collaboration between silos and professional development, while realizing purposeful engagement, with this winning combination that delivers quantifiable results!


In Dina’s 20+ years in the pharma industry, she experienced the ebb and flow of the changing of the guard and witnessed the upheaval restructuring of organizations and teams can cause. Yet, the teams she led exceeded expectations – every time!

It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industry has had its share of “upsets” over the years. It is a highly competitive, challenging industry to navigate successfully. Especially as a woman. Dina led teams to greatness in the areas of product launches and growth, even in times of industry instability and turmoil due to impending layoffs. Anyone who has worked in the chaos brought on by potential job losses knows that those are NOT ideal conditions for success, but her teams excelled.

In 2008, her first year in management, Dina led the lowest performing primary care CVMU team in Southwest St. Louis from the lowest ranking to #5 of 10, finishing 106% to target, in just three months. In 2009, she coordinated across five teams to pull through sales performance numbers and propel her team to a rank of #5 out of 31 and then took a primary care and oncology team in Oklahoma to the top 25% in the nation in three short months. All based on a fire inside that called her to lead combined with an intuitive ability to assess the situation, determine the needs of all team members and pull it all together in a way that had everyone enthusiastically contributing and invested in a successful outcome.

When given the opportunity to participate in the proprietary Team Advantage™ program in 2010, it started a chain of events and accomplishments that have led Dina to where she is today. She experienced first-hand how to be an even stronger leader. She learned even more effectively how to implement a process where everybody is working toward the same goal with meaning and purpose. That is key!

Dina learned how valuable the Team Advantage™ process is and used it within months to devise a plan, take her team to the next level and win the Team Champion trip that year, her first year in oncology in the Midwest with GlaxoSmithKline. Dina brought new melanoma products to market in that very competitive field, realizing 834% growth in the launch year in a $7 million market. She also pulled an 11% market share from competitors in the $10 million renal-cell carcinoma market.

All in all, putting the Team Advantage™ process into practice, along with her innate abilities, led to Team Champion Awards 5 years running — with 5 different teams — before her retirement from that industry in 2015.

At the heart of Dina’s phenomenal success with under-performing teams is her belief that one of the most important aspects of leading teams to greatness is, first and foremost, realizing that teams are made up of people. We are not robots. She has a knack for connecting with and motivating teams. She has personally and professionally withstood the true test of leadership by leading teams to amazing outcomes even in the face of staggering adversity. Most importantly, she has successfully utilized the tools she now shares with her coaching clients.

With extensive, first-hand experience as a leader of successful teams, a Bachelor of Science in Bio/Chemistry, certification in Nuclear Medicine, certifications in Team Advantage™ training and Team Emotional Intelligence, and over 60 hours of experiential knowledge application, Dina Readinger brings a solid scientific background with an understanding of complex situations and a mind that values (and supplies!) measurable results for every client.